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Texas Housers is searching for volunteers with web design skills for a special COVID-19 project

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly altered or halted how many low-income households make ends meet. Despite this, federal, state, and local governments have not provided protections or relief that has kept pace with the massive need of these out-of-work families, many of whom may soon face eviction. It is our mission at Texas Housers to ensure that we keep Texans housed during this crisis, and we may need some extra help to provide information for these households, keep track of who landlords and the government are potentially displacing, and hold cities and counties accountable.

In response to the pandemic, Texas Housers is seeking volunteers who can conceive, design, and develop a website with our team that is highly engaging, interactive, simple to navigate, and easy for our staff to update. We are searching for candidates with professional experience who can help us deploy this website in a maximum of four weeks.

The full description of this volunteer role is on Idealist. Here is a description of what we intend to build.

We seek to develop a simple to understand and easy to navigate special section of our site that incorporates the following resources to support tenants.

  • Legal advice we produce in-house using iSpring e-learning creation software for Texas tenants unable to pay their rent
  • A guide to information about localized tenant financial assistance and special legal rights provided by cities and counties
  • An ”eviction barometer” that reports eviction cases filed and granted in Justice of the Peace courts in major Texas cities
  • Using iSpring e-learning creation software we are creating a series of short instructional courses offering advice to tenants that we need to periodically post to the website.
  • A city/county report card rating the effectiveness of the local governmental response to the crisis that would regularly be updated

This website would be built within our WordPress.com platform. For this special assignment, we would hope to complete this website over the course of 4 weeks.

If you are interested, please apply on Idealist. Thank you!

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