Equity In Subsidized Housing

Equity In Subsidized Housing

Tenants who live in subsidized housing, be it via Project Based Rental Assistance, Public Housing, or various other measures, are often in the most vulnerable of situations. Many of these families and individuals are low-income and do not have the political power of wealthier households. It is under these circumstances that property managers feel they can mistreat or disregard renters in need of help or simply a safe and sanitary home to live in.

Texas Housers has addressed this problem two-fold. First, we have worked to ensure that standards are elevated for the code enforcement of this housing, and second, where we have identified a coordinated effort of tenants, we have provided support to fortified renters who are standing up to unfair and unequal conditions in their homes.

Our work in subsidized housing has us partnering with legal aid organizations to hold property managers, landlords, and other supervisory bodies accountable when tenants are not being treated fairly. We have partnered in specific communities where tenants have organized to ensure that they are supported and continue the fight for safe and secure housing.

When this is not achievable where they live, we have argued for their vouchers to be used in a different complex. No one who lives in a complex where they are being treated illegally should not be subjected to being trapped there.

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