Eviction Prevention

Eviction prevention is the main tool to ensure that households remain safe and stable during any future crisis. Texas Housers will continue to monitor the short and long-term impacts of COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, on low-income communities and beyond. Updates, information, and more can be found at this space.

Texas Housers initial statement on COVID-19:

When Texans are confronted with rising floodwater, violent tornadoes, or other threats, we have shown that we band together to protect one another. 

A global pandemic should be no different. The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, made its way to Texas, and to keep it from spreading, experts and our government officials have advised all people to limit contact with one another.

The practice of social distancing may protect us all, but it also can have isolating and harmful impacts on some Texans who are out of work, out of money, and could face further loss if our local, state, and federal government officials don’t act now to ensure housing, health and safety for everyone.


Here are our stories covering Eviction Prevention:


Texas Housers Eviction Diversion Tracker – Here is where our research team has compiled up-to-date data on Emergency Rental Assistance and Eviction numbers in Texas.

Taking Care of Texas during COVID-19 – A white paper with housing policy recommendations to the Texas governor and state officials by Texas Housers

Keeping Texans housed during and after the COVID-19 crisis – A white paper with housing policy recommendations to local city governments from Texas Housers

Protections for Texas Renters: COVID-19 – A resource from the University of Texas with updates regarding State, city, and county provisions regarding COVID-19

Federal Eviction Moratorium Guide – A flyer made by Texas Housers on the current eviction rules from the Federal Government.

CARES Act Tenant Protections [English/Español] – BASTA (Building and Strengthening Tenant Action)

Subsidized housing tenant protections during COVID-19 Crisis – Evictions, Late Fees, & More – BASTA (Building and Strengthening Tenant Action)

Protecciones para inquilinos en vivenda subsidiada durante COVID-19: Desalojos, Cargos por retraso, y mas – BASTA (Buscando Acción y Solidaridad Que Transforme el Arrendamiento)

Housing-Rights.org – Austin Tenants Council has a number of response resources on their website, including places to report housing discrimination, online counseling services regarding rights, ways to reporting notices to vacate under COVID-19’s moratorium, and more.

COVID19 Tips for Renters – Here is a flyer from the Texas Gulf Coast Area Labor Federation with guidance for renters in the Gulf Coast region. This is the list of federally-backed properties.

2019 Novel Coronavirus Tracker – Harris County Public Health COVID-19 Cases