Houser Academy

Houser Academy

The Houser Academy was launched in 2020 with the goal of growing a statewide network of advocates who are already doing the work to expand rights for low-income households in Texas. This is achieved through connections, conversations, and courses on the basics of organizing, all culminating in a capstone project at the end of the year.

Now in its second year, the Houser Academy class is focused on tenants’ rights with the goal of policy change in our state and local government.

Learn more on our mission with the Houser Academy here

The design of the Houser Academy is to gather people from all walks of life from all over our state to bring unique perspectives to accomplishing the same goal: empowering low-income households in their communities. Historically, for the academy, this has manifested in a number of ways. Whether it was empowering public housing residents in San Antonio, low-income people looking for opportunity to purchase a home in Lubbock, getting engaged in local policy in Houston and many other places, Texas Housers’ objective is to fuel these ideas further along into reality.

While the academy is not a public endeavor, we wanted to make sure that anyone interested in learning more about getting engaged in advocacy in their communities can do so. This is why we’ve uploaded many of the courses in the Houser Academy online. We want to spread this knowledge to as many people who want it to effect change in their community.

Public Courses

Fighting Discrimination

What Makes A Neighborhood Good Or Bad?

US Civil Rights A Brief History of its Progress and Regressions

Holding Developers Accountable

Story-Based Strategy And Messaging

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