Inclusionary zoning redux

The Texas Legislature last session made inclusionary zoning unlawful except in very limited circumstances. Inclusionary zoning is an essential tool for cities that are trying to address the problems of segregation based on race and income. The Senate Intergovernmental Relations Committee held a recent hearing in Dallas in which all of the witnessess called for the state to repeal the Inclusionary Zoning ban. It is important that Texas Housers weigh in and let their voices be heard in this debate.

Texas is one of only 2 states that have outlawed inclusionary zoning.

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  1. The Intergovernmental Relations Committee of the Texas Senate has established a working group on the issue of “economic displacement” a.k.a. gentrification. This committee is also considering the topic of inclusionary zoning and will present a report to the committee which in turn will issue an Interim Study Report to the Lt. Governor and the Texas Senate.

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