Analysis of HUD report on low scoring subsidized housing in Texas

A total of 107 or 9.4 percent of HUD assisted housing apartment developments in Texas earned a very low score in the latest round of physical inspections.  The HUD Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) physical inspection scores measure, among other things, the condition of a property’s common areas, units, and utility systems.

The developments with the lowest scores were:

Corpus Christi     South Bluff Apts                     16c*
Fort Stockton      Stockton Village                     19c*
Longview           Penwood Apts                         19c*
Hillsboro          Crestridge Apartments                20c*
Fort Worth         Spanish Gate Apartments              21c*
Dallas             Glen Hill I @ Ii                     23c*
Dallas             Field Stone Crossing, Llc            23c*
Dallas             Rosemeade Court Apts.                24c*
Houston            Sunflower Terrace                    27c*
Mission            El Rosario Homes                     27c
Waco               Parkside Village                     27c*

An overall numerical score is given as a value from zero to 100.  A score below sixty is considered failing.  An asterisk indicates that health and safety deficiencies were found with respect to smoke detectors. The lower-case letter indicates whether or not other kinds of heath and safety deficiencies were observed, as follows:

  • The letter “a” is given if no health and safety deficiencies were observed other than for smoke detectors.
  • The lower-case letter “b” is given if one or more non-life threatening H&S deficiencies, but no exigent/fire safety heath and safety deficiencies were observed other than for smoke detectors.
  • The lower-case letter “c” is given if one or more exigent/fire safety (calling for immediate attention or remedy) health and safety deficiencies were observed.

A full listing of Texas REAC scores is available.  Below is a listing of the Texas HUD subsidized developments with a score of less than 60 on the most recent published HUD REAC report.

City               Development Name                     Score

Alice              Alice Housing                        47c
Alvin              Alvin Memorial Gardens               56c*
Amarillo           Amarillo Gardens Apartments          54c*
Athens             New Haven Apartments                 49c*
Austin             Charles Place Apts                   31c*
Beaumont           Park Shadows Apartments              53c*
Beaumont           Seville Apartments                   51c
Beaumont           Sunlight Manor Apartments            44c*
Cedar Hill         High Pointe Village                  52c*
Center             Union Acres Trust                    55c
College Station    Southgate Village                    46c*
College Station    Grey Wolf Estates                    53c
Corpus Christi     Casa De Oro Apartments               55c*
Corpus Christi     Cliff Maus Village Apartments        45c*
Corpus Christi     Country Estates                      52c
Corpus Christi     South Bluff Apts                     16c*
Dallas             Casa Trevino                         39c
Dallas             Glen Hill I @ Ii                     23c*
Dallas             Lake June Village Apts               59c*
Dallas             Midpark Towers                       48c
Dallas             Oak Hollow Apartments                53b*
Dallas             Oakway Village Apts.                 46c*
Dallas             Prairie Creek Village Apartments     51c
Dallas             South Crest Apartments               40c*
Dallas             Woodland City Apts.                  54c*
Dallas             Cedar Glen Apartments                55c*
Dallas             Buckner Village                      35c*
Dallas             Rosemeade Court Apts.                24c*
Dallas             Claremont Apartments                 47c*
Dallas             Cimmaron Trail                       36c*
Dallas             Field Stone Crossing, Llc            23c*
Dallas             Reserve At White Rock Midrise        40c*
Dallas             Sphinx At Murdeaux Villas            59c*
Dallas             Buena Vista Townhouses               49c*
Dallas             City Park Lofts                      53c
Denton             Carriage House Assisted Living       43c*
Desoto             Williamsburg Village Healthcare      52c*
Elsa               La Hacienda Apartments               59c
Euless             Spring Valley Apartments             55c*
Fort Stockton      Stockton Village                     19c*
Fort Worth         Casa Inc.                            48c*
Fort Worth         Normandale Place Apartments          56c
Fort Worth         Sycamore Center Villas               57c*
Fort Worth         Spanish Gate Apartments              21c*
Galveston          Marina Landing Resort                55c
Grand Prairie      Willow Tree Apts.                    51c*
Hillsboro          Crestridge Apartments                20c*
Hillsboro          Hillsboro Housing Authority          54c
Houston            Evergreen Commons                    56c
Houston            Haverstock Hills                     55c*
Houston            Kings Row Apartments                 45c*
Houston            Long Drive Townhomes                 50c*
Houston            Sunflower Terrace                    27c*
Houston            Winkler Villas Apartments            57c*
Houston            Yale Village                         51c*
Houston            El Redentor Apartments Ii            59c
Houston            Silver Leaf Apartments               47c*
Houston            Leonora Apartments                   33c*
Irving             Treehouse Apts                       31c*
Jacksonville       Pine Creek Apts                      33c
Jasper             Hope Village Dba Pineview Apartments 59c*
Kerrville          Brookhollow Apartments               48c*
Lamesa             Northridge Ret Center                57c
Linden             Spring Creek {Le Town}               47c*
Longview           Autumnwood                           50c*
Longview           Jerusalem Apts                       43c
Longview           Penwood Apts                         19c*
Lubbock            Cricket Court                        45c*
Lubbock            High Plains-Lubbock                  53c*
Lubbock            Parkway Village Apartments           50c
Lubbock            Villa Del Norte Apartments           35c*
Lubbock            Cornerstone Homes                    51c*
Lufkin             Inez Tims                            59c
Lufkin             Lotus Lane Apartments                52c
Lufkin             Pinewood Park                        56c*
Malakoff           Cedar Creek Apts                     45c*
Mansfield          Spyglass Apts Of Mansfield           59c*
McAllen            Memorial Apartments                  51c
McAllen            Seville Apartments                   56c*
McAllen            Camelot Ret Com                      45c
Mercedes           Armory Housing Project               33c
Mercedes           La Merced Homes                      41c*
Mineral Wells      Sandstone Foothills                  58b
Mission            El Rosario Homes                     27c
Mission            Mission Palms Retirement Housing     38c
Odessa             Chaparral Village                    37c*
Palestine          Pinehurst Apts.                      59c
Pearsall           So Tx Care Center Asset Corp         56c
Plainview          Christian Manor                      57c
Plano              Colonial Lodge Of Plano              50c
Richardson         Lindan Park Care Center              48c
San Antonio        East Park Place                      46c
San Antonio        Pecan Hill Apts                      47c*
San Antonio        Villa De Amistad                     56c
San Antonio        Chapel Ridge Apts                    46c*
San Antonio        Mayfield Gardens                     53c*
San Benito         Lasby Park Terrace                   29c*
Sinton             Lulac Amistad Apts                   37c*
Snyder             Park Village {Nyder}                 38c*
Texarkana          Sunset Apartments                    42c*
Victoria           Salem Village                        44c*
Waco               Parkside Village                     27c*
Waco               Trendwood Apartments                 56c*
Waxahachie         Grove Park Terrace                   49c*
Whitehouse         Oak Brook Health Care Center         56c
Wichita Falls      Indian Falls Apts                    51c*
Winters            Senior Citizens Nursing Hme          38c


  1. I have spent many years leasing apartments at the low income properties and I think the staff of a lot of these communities has something to do with these grades. The managers and the leasing consultants do not get paid enough to deal with the issues that they have to deal with. I think if they paid the staff more, they could attract some more dedicated people that could make some changes.

  2. I need to find a HUD or low income apartment for a senior lady…she makes 637.00 per month ssi. I need it in Victoria Texas
    Thank you

      1. Thank you for this – but something has to be done for us. I thought all complexes had a certain # of units for the disabled, and IR leases. My interests are long-term, I hope! When I lived in Austin, it seems a far more hospitable place than I’ve found in other cities by virture of the addresses offered. Scary, especially when blind and powerchair user.

  3. Yes dedicated on site staff is a must for these properties but we also need dedicated Management agents for the properties to turn aroun d. And yes the salaries need to be increased but there are still managers that work hard and long hours regardless of pay or support

  4. I would love to find a list of active senior apartments that is a HUD subsidized community for ages 55&over in Houston,Austin and surrounding areas. I am on the lower end of social security,and with a limited

  5. Senior living according to income in the cedar hill, desoto, or dallas, texas area.

  6. Looking at 3 possible cities, as someone now disabled (through no fault of my own), and 70 on SS only, there is no location that is safe! This concerns me, greatly.

    The program for finding locations is excellent, but I dealt with one company building a new complex in N. Dallas, and they lied to me. Nearly lost what shirt I have, and sold or gave away all my things.

  7. I think it’s time for some of “us” to obtain some assistance to form multy-family units for mutual benefit, safety, and independence.

  8. Are there shared housing options to help some of the people looking for more supportive environments? Some areas of Texas are wastelands, as far as senior living goes, and worse when disabled. Many seniors (esp. women) were left w/o enough SS due to divorce, or lately I’ve found many who spent every cent they have on health care for themselves or their kids who now ignore the parents needs.

    In VA. adult kids have to chip in!

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