Texas Senate to hear request for additional housing trust funds

The Texas Senate Finance Committee will consider the budget of the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) on Monday.

One of the most important items the committee will consider is a request by the TDHCA for an appropriation of $20 million each year for the next two years for the Texas housing trust fund.

Texas housing advocates are planning to appear before the committee to offer brief testimony in support of TDHCA’s request for additional housing trust fund appropriations and to suggest that the state consider establishing a dedicated funding source for the housing trust fund.

Last week about 100 members of the Texas housing community met in Austin to agree upon a request to the legislature for a $40 million per year appropriation to the housing trust fund to be funded through a $10 per document fee on documents filed in the deed records of the county clerks.

Those wishing to support additional funding for the housing trust fund can stop by the Senate Finance Committee anytime Monday morning and sign a card to indicate their support.

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