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Doggett/Henneberger diavolg on consumer protection legislation for mortgage borrowers in the Texas Legislature

Robert Doggett worked on behalf of TxLIHIS during the past session of the Texas Legislature, One of his main focus areas was trying to gain some reasonable protections for consumers facing mortgage foreclosure.

In my first experiment with a diavolg I asked Doggett about what was proposed in the legislative session to deal with consumer protections for mortgage borrowers and what the Texas Legislature passed.

This turned out to be more of a monovolg than a diavolg.

I’m just learning the technologies and techniques of diavolgs so bear with me. They will get better. (At least I’ll know to comb my hair and shave next time).

I started my commitment to housing justice for people and communities with low incomes in 1975 in Austin's Clarksville community. These years of working side-by-side with dedicated community leaders to find solutions to housing and community development challenges have taught me some things and I’m learning new things every day.

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