10 percent of Texans are behind in their home loan payments

A geographical display of properties in San Antonio and Bexar County for sale on the courthouse steps pursuant to judicial foreclosures, tax sales and any other sale of real property statutorily mandated.

Each one of the yellow squares represents a judicial mandated sale of property in San Antonio and Bexar County.

Scary, huh?

You can see the map live on the Bexar County Clerk’s website.

In a related story, the Dallas Morning News reported this week that almost 10 percent of Texans were behind in their home loan payments during the third quarter and about 2 percent of the state’s mortgage holders were already in foreclosure at the end of September.

Texas politicians proclaim Texas has escaped the nation’s economic crisis and that our state’s economy is strong. Try telling that to the families living under those little yellow squares.

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