TDHCA Sunset Recommendation #5: Clarify regional allocation formula statute

As previously discussed here at Texas Housers, TDHCA is currently undergoing Sunset Review.  We are presenting recommendations for ways to improve TDHCA that have been endorsed by a broad range of stakeholders in TDHCA’s activities.


The Regional Allocation Formula (RAF), as it relates to the Housing Trust Fund (HTF), needs to be clarified to exempt HTF program funds of less than $3 million from the RAF.


TDHCA does not interpret the Regional Allocation Formula statutory provisions for the Housing Trust Fund as intended.  The statute excludes Housing Trust Fund funds less than $3 million from the RAF and was intended to be interpreted on a program basis.  The Agency is interpreting the $3 million exemption as the total amount in the Housing Trust Fund.  The net result is that funding is needlessly delayed in getting allocated.


Amend the Housing Trust Fund in 2306 to clarify that Housing Trust Fund programs with less than $3 million are exempt from the Regional Allocation Formula.

This Recommendation is Endorsed By:

  • Advocacy, Inc.
  • Association of Rural Communities in Texas
  • Center on Disability and Development – Texas A&M University
  • Easter Seals Central Texas
  • Habitat Texas
  • Motivation Education & Training, Inc.
  • Texas Association of Community Development Corporations
  • Texas Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies
  • Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities
  • Texas Center for Disability Studies-UT
  • Texas Low Income Housing Information Service

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