Mississippi moves to 100% inspections of mobile home installations; so should Texas

In response to six deaths in mobile homes from the April tornado in Mississippi, WAPT in Jackson Mississippi reports that the State Insurance Commissioner of Mississippi has authorized 100% of inspection of installations of manufactured housing.  Previously, Mississippi had a goal to inspect 50% of installations.

Texas has a statutory goal of inspecting only 25% of manufactured home installations.  Given the importance of installation in the performance of manufactured homes in high-wind events like tornadoes and hurricane, we recommend increasing that inspection target to 100% of homes in parks and high-wind areas.

We can’t wait for a similar storm to hit Texas before elevating our inspection target.  Data shows over half the people killed by tornados are in mobile homes when the storm hits.

The time for preventive action is now, before the next storm hits our state, not after.


  1. Mobile homes are the primary homes of most of the people in rural Caldwell County where I live. We must assure they safely constructed, properly blocked and skirted so the home is not unleveled, tipped over or deconstructed due to high winds. Do we go after this in Sunset, legilsation, TDHCA board? Keep me advised of advocacy opportunity on this.

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