Dallas Housing Vouchers – Extreme Need and Error

Yesterday The Dallas Housing Authority opened its waiting list for its Housing Choice Voucher program for the first time in five years.  These vouchers are also known as “Section 8” vouchers.

The Dallas Morning News reports that the Dallas Housing Authority received over 13,000 applications in a single day–

–and lost them all.

The Dallas Housing Authority is placing the blame on “technical difficulties” with the new website application process.  They will be re-doing the open waitlist in the “near future.”

Because, you know, if you have waited five years to get on the list to wait five more years to find housing, what’s a couple of days?

Source: http://www.dallasnews.com/news/community-news/dallas/headlines/20110407-dallas-housing-authority-13000-voucher-applications-irretrievably-lost-in-website-snafu.ece


  1. Absolutely no respect for the individuals that they, as a housing authority, are well paid to provide services and counseling. Thank you for this information Texas Low Income Housing.

  2. I was on this waiting list 3 years, and all the sudden NO record of me any more!!! I was just in tears!! I am on SSi and have 2 children t home… I dont know what to do now!!!

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