Washington Post Focuses on Beaumont Housing Failure

Saturday’s Washington Post ran a story on a failed HOME development in Beaumont:

BEAUMONT, Tex. — At the dusty intersection of Texas and Elm streets, two partially completed houses sit empty on an unkempt corner lot across from 86-year-old Gardine Grogan’s dilapidated home.

Three years ago, a local developer walked off the job without finishing the work. Now, abandoned bricks and pipes lie in haphazard piles in an overgrown front yard, and the glass in a front window is cracked. A “no trespassing” sign has fallen to the ground and is covered with dirt.

The project illustrates what has gone wrong in the federal government’s $2 billion-a-year program to build homes for the poor, with hundreds of delayed or defunct development deals nationwide.


The Beaumont properties referenced in the Washington Post article belong to Consolidated Statewide CDC, and were funded under the HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) program. (TDHCA project #531114).  This development was discussed in detail at the April 12, 2007 TDHCA meeting, including testimony by the Consolidated Statewide CDC Executive Director.  The relevant transcripts and board book are embeded in this blog post after the “read more” jump.

Here’s a google streetview of the property:

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