HUD Secretary Donovan discusses fair housing with state housing coalitions

At a meeting this week HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan discussed HUD’s approach to fair housing with leaders of state low-income housing coalitions.

Secretary Donovan told the state housing coalition leaders, including Chrishelle Palay of TxLIHIS, that HUD will be moving to a regional approach to fair housing. The Secretary said the HUD Sustainable Communities program is serving as the testing ground for the regional approach. Approximately 30 jurisdictions are making detailed fair housing assessments under the Sustainable Communities program and will convert these assessments into Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing (AI).

Among the Texas communities developing Sustainable Communities Plans are the Houston-Galveston Area Council of Governments, the Heart of Texas Council of Governments and the City of Austin.


The AI’s include for specific initiatives to overcome the impediments to fair housing and to promote integrated communities.

Donovan also said that HUD is currently revising AFFH requirements and is in the process of reviewing the “disparate impact” rule HUD put out for public comments several months ago. The Secretary indicated he was, “not too concerned” that there will be an issue concerning the proposed rule with the Supreme Court.

Also attending the meeting with the state housing coalition leaders were HUD Chief of Staff Johnathan Horowitz, HUD Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity John Tresviña, Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing Sandra B. Henriquez, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Community PLanning and Development for CPD and other top HUD officials.

The National Low Income Housing Coalition organized the meeting.

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