Announcing our curated, up to date collection of housing articles and research – Texas Housers Magazine

Around Texas Housers we are voracious readers of housing news and research reports, and especially those with a Texas angle. In our office we share links to stories and research reports via email. It occurred to us that our friends might also be interested in reading what we are finding.

With so many clips it is hard to find all those emails when we get a chance to catch up on reading. So we decided to aggregate all the clippings our staff finds interesting in one place. Starting today we are offering a new, regularly updated collection of housing, community development and fair housing stories, with special attention to Texas we call Texas Housers magazine, It is free to everyone.

View our Flipboard Magazine.

We are using Flipboard to aggregate the clippings in the Texas Housers Magazine. You can get access to it by clicking on the link in the sidebar of our blog or you can subscribe and get automatic updates through Flipboard. Flipboard is a great tool for scanning clipping using the app on you phone or on your desktop browser.

Out Texas Housers blog (which you are reading now) will continue to be dedicated to providing our research, policy ideas and insights. The Texas Housers Magazine will focus on clippings, news and research produced by others.

Check out our new Texas Houser Magazine and share your clippings on housing news with us so we can add it to the magazine.

Happy reading!

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