Watch: TX Housers Houston co-director discusses rebuilding homes post-Harvey

Our Houston co-director, Chrishelle Palay has worked disaster recovery before and has worked with low-income communities so that they have a voice in recovery after Hurricane Ike. She’s a devoted housing advocate and says Harvey is personal for her and for the team.

In this video, Chrishelle reflects on the devastation and the work ahead for her and the Houston team.

She also talks about Texas Housers’ seven principles that will guide our research, advocacy, and organizing work over the coming months and years.

  1. Securing help from government is fair, easy and understandable and survivors have a say in the process.
  2. Everyone gets safe temporary housing where they can reconnect with family and community.
  3. Displaced people have access to the resources they need to lead normal lives
  4. Everyone is assisted to fully recover housing, personal property and transportation quickly.
  5. All homeowners are able to rebuild in safe, quality neighborhoods of their choice.
  6. Renters’ get quality, affordable rental property in safe, quality neighborhoods of their choice.
  7. All neighborhoods are free from environmental hazards with quality public infrastructure to keep them safe and resilient.

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