President’s budget proposes massive cuts for Texas housing and community development


Douglas Rice has posted a blog that estimates the impact President Trump’s budget on affordable housing in each state.

In Texas President Trump’s budget would:

  • cut 13,599 Texas Section 8 Vouchers;
  • reduce funding for Texas housing authorities by $116,485,382;
  • reduce HOME block grants in the state by $63,974,027;
  • cut CDBG block grants to Texas cities and counties by $215,684,578;
  • eliminate the National Housing Trust Fund; and
  • defund the Choice Neighborhoods Program.

Readers will recall that HUD Secretary Ben Carson and Office of Budget and Management (OMB) Director Mulvaney assured the public that last year’s budget cuts, “wouldn’t put anyone on the street.” No word yet as to whether Carson and Mulvaney are renewing those assurances with regard to this year’s budget request.