Integration Now: How inclusive communities promote options and opportunity

Texas Housers released episode 2 of its podcast, A Little Louder, which you can find on Anchor, iTunes and Stitcher.

In episode 2, Texas Housers discusses residential integration with Demetria McCain of the Inclusive Communities Project in Dallas and how the nonprofit approaches neighborhood equity, mobility and housing choice. Demetria discusses how integration has been law in the books for more than 50 years, but how government at all levels has not made that a reality for people.

We talk about a Washington Post article about how a private equity firm is Memphis’ largest homeowner, filing thousands of evictions and sparking hundreds code violations. This practice of private equity firms buying up single family homes to rent out is changing who benefits from homeownership. A Philadelphia Federal Reserve working paper found that home prices have rebounded since the mortgage crisis, in part because of the number of investors and institutions purchasing homes. However, homeownership rates have not recovered.

We also discuss the current partial government shutdown and how unsafe living conditions in colonias along the border are the real crisis that politicians and the president are missing.