Texas Housers November COVID Response Call focused on delivering rent relief to the public

As we grow closer to the end of the year, with a possibly expiring eviction moratorium from the CDC, it is critical that Texans have access to funds promised to them by local, state, and national governments. However, this rent relief has not rolled out as smoothly as needed, with many who are in need of financial assistance either unaware of available money or discouraged by institutional red-tape.

Texas Housers was fortunate to host several officials from around the state who are doing what they can to better facilitate and flow these funds from the government to the people. Our guests for the November COVID Response Call were:

Vero Soto – San Antonio Neighborhood & Housing Services Deputy Director
Rebecca Yae – Senior Research Analyst for the National Low Income Housing Coalition
Stephen Ellsesser – Senior policy advisor for El Paso County Commissioner David Stout
Josephine Paul – Lead Organizer for Dallas Area Interfaith

The hour-long panel covered both successes and stumbling blocks on the way to get rent relief to tenants as quickly and easily as possible. We would like to thank our panelists for joining us for the lively and essential conversation.

You can watch the full video below.

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  1. Homeowners who are struggling to pay property taxes are being consistently overlooked. Once one payment is late or missed, the property tax payment plan ends. A lawsuit has been filed against me, during a pandemic, threatening foreclosure. Due to the pandemic, I have lost my job; thus, I been paying a smaller amount. Yet, I still face being homeless. Are there any financial assistance for homeowners, in order to, prevent me from becoming homeless? Any advice and/or assistance will be truly appreciated.

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