Podcast Episode 32: Searching For A Landlord To Take My Voucher

Housing vouchers should be the empowering ticket to housing peace of mind of low-income families and individuals. However, for far too many, source of income discrimination defers that dream and either shoves those seeking housing into high-poverty areas or causes them to run out of time and lose their voucher entirely.

On this episode of A Little Louder, we speak with voucher holder Samara Nero and hear her experience and the many closed doors she faced on her journey to finding a suitable home. We are also joined by Demetria McCain of the Inclusive Communities Project in Dallas, who has been an ardent fighter against source of income discrimination.

Recently, Inclusive Communities Project released a report on the discrimination that voucher holders face in North Texas. One of ICP’s findings in their survey of Dallas Landlords was that in Collin, Dallas, Rockwall, and Denton Counties, 93% of landlords said no to accepting voucher holders. These are the barriers that voucher holders face, but thankfully there are several advocates and organizations fighting to empower them.

You can listen to Episode 32: Searching For A Landlord To Take My Voucher below.

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