Podcast #33: A temporary eviction moratorium and $1.9B for rent relief is coming to Texas

Congress passed and President Trump signed a pandemic relief bill granting a month-long extension of the current federal eviction moratorium and $25 billion for rent relief nationwide. In this week’s podcast Texas Housers explores what this federal action means for renters in our state.

The estimated $1.9 billion for rent relief estimated to be coming to Texas is a lot of money. Yet, it is only a portion of the rent arrearage Texas renters have accumulated during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Texas Housers’ Texas Rent Clock has the latest estimate for back rent.

Christina Rosales and John Henneberger join Texas Houser and pandemic housing researcher Eli Barrish in this episode of the podcast. Together they explore what the federal action means for Texas and what still must be done to keep Texans housed.

You can listen to podcast Episode 33: Relief for renters during a pandemic.

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