Get Involved: Texas Housers uses CourtWatch to track improper COVID related evictions

Texas Housers staff and volunteers have been tracking the experiences of Texas tenants brought before Texas Justice of the Peace Courts to face eviction proceedings. This work has alerted us to problems with judges who are not aware of or properly following eviction moratoriums and has permitted us to see if government programs designed to keep tenants from being evicted are working.

We encourage advocates and citizens to participate in CourtWatch as a volunteer or to set up a program for their community. We have an online lesson sharing on our experience in running CourtWatch in the city of Houston and Harris County, Texas. This lesson will be helpful for those interested in setting a CourtWatch program in their community.

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If you are interested in how and why CourtWatch is important to housing advocates concerned with COVID-19 related evictions, watch the video below.

Those interested in volunteering for Texas Housers CourtWatch program can learn more at

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