Texas Housers has created a simple checklist of principles for equitable rent relief

After nine months of working with cities and counties in Texas and observing partners across the country do the same, Texas Housers is excited to release new guidelines for equitable rental assistance. We have distilled equity into five key principles: Rapid, Accessible, Accountable, Targeted, and Sustained.

With new federal resources available for Emergency Rental Assistance, Texas Housers encourages housing administrators to take this opportunity to iterate on past programs and raise the bar for equity. We believe that the most successful programs will consistently emphasize these characteristics.

Jurisdictions can use the self-assessment to evaluate their programs’ level of maturity with respect to the five principles. Although no one-size-fits-all solution exists, Texas Housers highlights tools and strategies that have enabled rental assistance programs to flourish.

Please reach out with any questions or comments. We would be happy to discuss how these principles can be implemented in your jurisdiction. In the meantime, stay safe.


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