Podcast Episode 35: Eviction Courtwatch During COVID-19

The CDC Eviction Moratorium should protect many individuals who appear before a Justice of the Peace due to non-payment of rent. However, far too many defendants and even some judges are not aware of the extent of these protections. These cracks in the system can result in far too many people being unhoused who should rightfully remain in their homes.

On this episode of A Little Louder, John is joined by Texas Housers’ Julia Orduña and Ally Harris to talk about their experiences watching eviction court in Harris County during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ally and Julia tell us about what they have observed, the Houston Eviction Solidarity Network and other volunteer programs like it that are court watching, and what needs to change.

You can listen to Episode 35: Eviction Courtwatch During COVID-19 below or wherever you get your podcasts and subscribe today!

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