State of Texas, counties and cities need to get rent assistance to tenants ASAP!

This infographic from Texas Housers’ senior researcher Ben Martin shows the genuine danger thousands, if not millions, of Texans are in without rent relief. We need local and State officials to deliver this money to tenants as quickly as possible, with fewer barriers to access it and more officials to work on disbursing it. This requires action now!


  1. I am being evicted my electricity is disconnected I have had Covid twice in April and again December 31 I was supposed to insulate however my electricity was disconnected on January 3,2021 I had no where to go I stayed in it was too cold I have been in the streets and in the church parking lot
    I applied for rental assistance I was approved but did not have a current ID turned in all my paperwork still not approved

  2. My house just got foreclosed on and eviction papers have been served. I’m in a small town thats corrupt. I was doing a rent to own. So instead of working with me he took me to court. Money I don’t have since I’m on ssdi for 1,249 a month. My landlord just kept laughing thinking he was funny. His own personal Attorney bought my house at auction and gave the paperwork to my landlord and he went and put everything back in his name. Can’t a straight answer from anyone around to see if this is legal. At this point I want out of this house and can’t find any place to go. Everything in my area is at least 1,000 a month. I even called the low income apartment there base starts out at $975 a month that i can’t afford!! They just simply don’t care
    The RICH get RICHER and the poor get poorer

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