A Little Louder Episode 41: Houston’s Dangerous Apartment Problem Part 1

A Little Louder is launching a new miniseries within our show on substandard housing in Texas. Our latest episode kicks off this special project with Professor Heather K. Way talking about her in-depth report regarding housing in the Sunnyside area of Houston.

In this 2017 presentation to residents and community leaders of Sunnyside, Professor Way talks about the months-long study on the dangerous apartment epidemic in Houston, the City of Houston’s role in this epidemic, and what should happen to fix the issue.

Spending months pouring through complaints, 311 calls, speaking with residents, and many other data points, the answer to this issue was clear: empower tenants to tangibly address their dangerous living situations and overhaul the city’s abilities and priorities to help these tenants.

You can listen to Episode 41: ‘Houston’s Dangerous Apartment Problem Part 1’ below or wherever you get your podcasts.

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