Watch ‘Texas Housers 2021 Video Rewind’ as we spotlight the unique voices who fought for housing justice

We are starting off 2022 in a big way with a few videos highlighting what the last year looked like for Texas Housers, including building our Courtwatch program, the fight for housing vouchers in Houston, and the preservation of public housing in San Antonio.

Our 2021 would not have been the success that it was without the courage and effort of incredible tenants, organizers, volunteers, and so many more outstanding individuals and groups. ‘Texas Housers 2021 Video Rewind’ is our way to show their inspiring work and harness their momentum to march into the new year.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to take part in our video! We can’t wait to continue the fight for housing justice in 2022.

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  1. I love this video it’s educational because these landlord are getting greedy and when you know your rights they’ll
    Do everything in there
    Power to evict you .In court the judge won’t even give you a chance to explane the tenant side of the story
    .me and my family have no money and no where to go .the system realy nead to change

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