WATCH: Texas Housers joins Houston organizers for ‘Preventing Eviction: Beyond The Crisis’ livestream

Housing insecurity has been one of the biggest issues to face Americans during the pandemic. Renters across the nation who fell behind on rent and did not have access to protections or relief were served with eviction notices and had very few options to stay housed.

But these issues were only highlighted during under COVID-19, they have existed and will continue to do so without meaningful action. To discuss this, Jordan Everett from Civic & Public Policy Improvements (CCPPI) and Julia Orduña from Texas Housers were joined by local experts for a live discussion on COVID-19 protections implemented in eviction court, how organizing works, and the future of housing policy.

You can watch ‘Preventing Eviction: Beyond The Pandemic’ below.

This livestream included:

Julia Orduña, Texas Housers
Tori Tavorimina, Texas Housers
David Wheaton, Texas Housers
Jordan Everett, Civic & Public Policy Improvement (CCPPI)
Stormy Clark, Earl Carl Institute for Legal & Social Policy
Jay Malone, Gulf Coast AFL-CIO