A Little Louder Episode 42: Expanding The Rights of Tenants In Austin with BASTA

On this episode, John is joined by Shoshana Krieger of BASTA Austin who stops by to talk about the fights for tenants’ rights happening in both Austin City Council and alongside fellow organizers on the ground.

Krieger spoke with us about demanding more protections for tenants in Austin and the hurdles BASTA faces individually as renters as well as a progressive organization in a tenant-hostile state.

Shoshana talks about a couple ordinances that BASTA hopes will pass through city council, centered on issues such as right to cure rent and right to organize without fear of reprisal, as well as some of BASTA’s organizing efforts at apartment complexes across Austin.

You can listen to Episode 42: ‘Expanding The Rights of Tenants In Austin with BASTA’ below or wherever you get your podcasts.

You can also watch the vlog of this conversation.

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