A Little Louder Video Buzz Session #3: Treasury must clarify plan for recapturing Emergency Rent Assistance funds

The US Treasury Department oversees state and local government expenditures of federal Emergency Rent Assistance funds. Texas Housers has discovered inconsistencies in the Treasury Department’s administration of these funds that is causing confusion on when unexpended funds will be taken away from local programs who have not spent all the funds they were allocated.

In A Little Louder Buzz Session #3, Texas Housers’ Senior Researcher Ben Martin and Research Analyst Erin Hahn discuss the confusion caused by the Treasury Department. They make the case for why it is important to clarify the federal policies on clawing back Emergency Rent Assistance.

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  1. My renter was approved to receive back rent then the monies were taken away all of a sudden. I was accused of living with my tennant. My fiance would not like that. I have all the documentation and each month that I paid rent on my debit card. I do not understand what is going wrong with the program but I feel something is not right.

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