A Little Louder Video Buzz Session #4: Justices of the Peace are ignoring tenant protections

The power balance between tenants and landlords is usually tilted in the latter’s favor, and this is true in no more consequential of an arena than eviction court. Thankfully, some protections and resources did become available for renters during the pandemic. These common sense protections were the bare minimum and should be standardized, yet some Justices of the Peace don’t even acknowledge these measures for those present in their courtrooms.

In A Little Louder Buzz Session #4, Texas Housers’ eviction prevention specialist Tori Tavormina and research analyst Erin Hahn, who are observing eviction court in Houston and San Antonio respectively, join John Henneberger to describe what they are observing. While tenant protections exist for those who are receiving rent relief, they are not necessarily mentioned or observed. We dive deep into what’s happening and what needs to come next for eviction court.

You can watch our latest Buzz Session of A Little Louder above, or you can listen to our latest episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or find us wherever you get your podcasts.


  1. It would be good if a labdiord had to give cause for non renewal of lease, as well

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