A Little Louder Episode 46: Intro to the Houser Academy

The genesis of any major change in social justice starts from the people. There is no substitute for lived experience; the potency of that truth has the power to change minds, hearts, laws, and even the world. This is a major reason why Texas Housers work is often derived through what low-income households are experiencing. We follow their lead and want to empower them. This concept is a foundational building block of our Houser Academy.

On our latest episode, John welcomes Texas Housers educator Riley Metcalfe to the show to talk about his work with the Houser Academy, our initiative centered on gathering budding advocates from around the state to consolidate people power. We explore the origins of the Houser Academy, what this second year of the project is seeking to accomplish, and how Texas Housers wants newcomers to get involved.

You can listen to Episode 46: ‘Intro to the Houser Academy’ below or wherever you get your podcasts.

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