A Little Louder Episode 47: Homeowners Association fights against affordable housing

If you are fortunate enough to receive a housing choice voucher from the government, it can feel like a blessing. It’s reported that only 1 in 4 who apply actually receives a voucher. There are so many who are in need of help, so to receive a voucher can feel like finally reaching that goal to be stably housed. But in Texas, landlords can refuse to accept your voucher and it’s more than likely legal for them to do so. Or even worse, as in the recent cases in Denton, you find a landlord who accepts your voucher but the local Homeowners Association can decide that no landlords are allowed to accept vouchers within city limits.

On this week’s episode of A Little Louder, John welcomes Ann Lott from Inclusive Communities Project in Dallas as well as our advocacy director David Wheaton to talk about the troubling trend starting in Denton regarding Homeowners Associations. The local HOA for Providence Village determined last month that housing choice vouchers will no longer be accepted in their community and landlords who do will be fined for doing so. The bulk of recipients of HCVs in the area are Black families and the majority population of Providence Village are white, non-hispanic families.

After major pushback from county officials, the situation on the ground has shifted, but voucher holders in Providence Village are still in danger of displacement. Ann tells gives us the details of what is happening in North Texas, and how ICP, Texas Housers, and local residents are fighting back against this discrimination and civil rights violation.

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