Check out the newly redesigned Texas Tenant Advisor from Texas Housers!

Our resource for informing tenants about their rights, the Texas Tenant Advisor, has received a major facelift! Months of work went into the re-design and additions, including a new section on advocacy and how everyday people can get involved in expanding rights and protections for renters. And an entire Spanish version of the website is coming soon.

We want the Texas Tenant Advisor to be the place that renters can visit to learn what rights they have, to discover where they can find more help to further protect themselves, and to engage with other individuals and groups to build a powerful renter communities in their neighborhoods, cities, even the entire state of Texas.

The goal of this redesign was to make the available rules and resources for tenants more simple to navigate. Looking for help should not be a maze. While we cannot and don’t offer legal advice — we recommend contacting legal aid or an attorney for specific questions about a given situation — the basics of what protects a renter has should be available to everyone. That is what the Texas Tenant Advisor is.

Also, newly added to the TTA is a section for renters to consolidate their power. Texas is home to 3.7 million renters, yet those massive numbers do not correlate to policy, if you were to examine the rights and representation they lack in policy. It does not have to be this way; not only do tenants need to know their rights, but also they should know what could be achieved with their massive tenant community.

Here you can learn about organizations to join fighting for tenant rights near you, as well as the laws already passed for renters across our nation. Many states, including those with similar political climates to Texas, have established policy to protect tenants where Texas has not. Change is possible and here is where we can start.

You can visit the Texas Tenant Advisor today at Share this resource and spread the word to tenants who want to become empowered!

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