A Little Louder Episode 49: Let’s Meet Texas Tenants For Change

This week, Texas Housers communications manager Michael Depland speaks with two members of Texas Tenants For Change – Myra and Beeper. The two Houser Academy fellows talk about what went into forming this group, their common experiences as tenants despite living hundreds of miles away, and what they hope to accomplish with their foray into statewide advocacy, including their petition for tenants’ rights and livestreams to give voice to renters everywhere.

Texas Tenants For Change are aiming to collect 500 signatures on their petition to take to legislators this session, in order to create strong policy to protect the millions of renters in our state.

You can find the group’s petition here and join Texas Tenants For Change on their next livestream on Dec. 1.

And as always, you can listen to Episode 49: “Let’s Meet Texas Tenants For Change” below or wherever you get your podcasts.

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