A Little Louder Buzz Session #7: How did ERA really perform in Texas?

The Department of Treasury launched its Emergency Rental Assistance Program in March of 2021 with Texas receiving $2.4 billion dollars to aid with families and individuals struggling to stay housed during the pandemic. Now nearly 18 months later, Texas Housers has observed the manner in which the State of Texas and 37 localities within have distributed this essential rental assistance and closely reviewed 10 major programs in our latest report ‘Emergency Rental Assistance in Texas: How it went and what happens now.’

On today’s Buzz Session of A Little Louder, we hear from the report’s author, research analyst Erin Hahn, to ask her how the ERA program was seen in different regions of Texas, how the Federal government’s hands off approach had pros and cons, and what should be done to prevent displacement and evictions in the future using lessons from this program.

You can read the report on our blog and keep posted here on Texas Housers’ website for a companion report on evictions in January.

Listen to ‘A Little Louder Buzz Session #7: How did ERA really perform in Texas?’ below or wherever you get your podcasts:

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