Read our report ‘Renters, Air Conditioning, and Extreme Heat in Texas’

There is no question that summer 2023 contained one of the worst heatwaves that Texans have ever suffered through. News story after news story reported that renters were particularly vulnerable in the struggle to stay safe from soaring temperatures in their own homes. Why is it so hard for renters in the state to access working and stable AC?

Today, Texas Housers is releasing a new brief, “Renters, Air Conditioning, and Extreme Heat in Texas,” which explores and explains the severe shortcomings of governments and landlords in Texas to protect renters against the harmful effects of extreme heat. 

The report explores and presents policy recommendations on:

  • the absence of a fundamental right to air conditioning for renters in Texas
  • the insufficient legal and administrative systems that fail to help tenants when their air conditioning is not working
  • the challenge of paying the high cost of energy for low-income households
  • the ongoing struggle to get air conditioning in all public housing and income restricted rental units in the state of Texas

Extreme heat is the new normal for Texas’ long summer season. Low-income renters will continue to be at high risk of heat-related illness and potential death until our local and state leaders take appropriate action to protect their basic health and safety.

You can read or download our report below:

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