Thanks for supporting our 20th anniversary

Lyndon Johnson in front of Austin public housing in 1938.
Lyndon Johnson in front of Austin public housing in 1938.

On the behalf of the board and staff of the Texas Low Income Housing Information we want to thank the more than 200 people who turned out for your 20th anniversary celebration last night.

We looked back at the accomplishments that have been made in affordable, low-income housing in Texas in the past twenty years.

We also took a special look at the historic groundwork that President Lyndon Johnson did in affordable housing beginning in 1938, when as a young congressman Johnson fought hard to convince Austin to embrace the first public housing development under the Housing Act of 1936.

We produced a film tribute to President Johnson’s contribultion to the housing movement that I’ll post here in the near future.

I started my commitment to housing justice for people and communities with low incomes in 1975 in Austin's Clarksville community. These years of working side-by-side with dedicated community leaders to find solutions to housing and community development challenges have taught me some things and I’m learning new things every day.

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