They went the distance

Last Friday TDHCA posted a supplement to its materials for its board meeting this Thursday.  The supplement indicates that TDHCA hit their September 3rd Neighborhood Stabilization Funding obligation deadline, stating:

“WHEREAS, on July 29, 2010 this Board granted the Executive Director emergency authority to approve awards and other necessary actions to achieve the full and timely commitment of funds under the Neighborhood Stabilization Program; and

WHEREAS, in the period from July 30, 2010, through September 3, 2010, such awards and actions were taken, constituting the commitment of 100% of the portion of such funds for which TDHCA has responsibility.”

Congratulations, TDHCA, TDRA, and the dozens of other sub-recipients that went the distance to make this important NSP benchmark.

The end-of-August progress snapshots for the other direct grantees in Texas have not been released, but a commentator tells us Houston is over 90%.  As discussed here last week, direct recipients other than TDHCA have a softer HUD deadline and will likely be granted additional opportunity to obligate their funds.

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