Sunset Staff TDHCA Report Released

The sunset staff report on TDHCA is out and available here:
The report identifies and discusses 8 issues:
  1. Lack of State Planning Delays Funding to Hard Hit Texas Communities Recovering From Major Disasters
  2. Certain Statutory Requirements Impede Texas’ Administration of the Housing Tax Credit Program
  3. The Department’s Processing of Single-Family Loans is Slow and Inefficient, Causing Families to Wait for Needed Assistance
  4. The Department Has Not Used Funds Designated by the Legislature to Address Contract for Deed Problems
  5. Inconsistencies in the Department’s Enforcement Process Waste Resources and Contribute to Lingering Compliance Problems
  6. Using State Employees to Inspect Manufactured Housing Installations Is Inefficient and Does Not Provide Adequate Statewide Coverage
  7. Key Elements of the Manufactured Housing Division’s Functions Do Not Conform to Common Licensing Standards
  8. The State Has a Continuing Need for the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs
Our previous commentary on TDHCA sunset is available here.   We’ll be reading the report and I’m sure will have more comments about it in the near future.  The Sunset Commission will meet to hear public testimony on regarding this report on November 16-17, 2010.

Update: The Sunset Commission’s emailed announcement of the report’s release  calls for written responses from the public to be submitted to the Commission by Wednesday, September 29.

9/20 update:  TDHCA’s Board Chair, Kent Conine, and Executive Director, Michael Gerber, have issued a response letter to Sunset.

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