Low-income Americans will need to work into their eighties

Only by retiring at 75 years old would a majority of Americans in the lowest income quartile — defined as earning below $11,700 annually — have half a chance of not running out of money during retirement, a study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute finds.

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  1. Future Americans will not retire if we do not get our trade deficit under control and institute a fair and equally balanced trade. That means that we disallow foreign importation of products and services. That also means we crack down in legal immigration as well as illegal immigration. Americans born here should have priority for obtaining a good education, employment or business lending. Engineers should have opportunities to, again, work as an engineer and earn a great living, that is in America, of course. We need to become a “protectionist” society. If we don’t, then someone else (China) will eat our lunch and enjoy the retirement that we could be enjoying. Stop shopping at Walmart and patronize your local grower “made in the USA”. “Made in the USA” is the most important point to live by.

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