Poll: Most think government should help homeowners in trouble

A new CBS News/ New York Times poll shows:

  • Most Americans think home ownership is an important part of the American dream.
  • About one-quarter thinks no one should receive subsidized home loans; one-quarter think everyone should; and another quarter thinks only low-income people should qualify.
  • 45 percent would like to see government do more improving the housing market, 30 percent say it’s doing enough now, 16 percent said the government should be doing less.
  • 53 percent say the federal government should help people who are having trouble paying their mortgages, 40 percent of Americans disagree.
  • 40 percent of homeowners say that it has been more difficult to afford their mortgage payment in the last three years, 15 percent say they have missed making a mortgage payment in the last three years.
  • By about three to one, Americans say that if they could afford either they would prefer to buy rather than rent a home.
  • 85 percent of renters say they would like to own their own home one day.
  • 58 percent favor requiring prospective home buyers to put at least 20 percent down on a new mortgage .
  • 12 percent of Americans blame the borrowers for the mortgage crisis, more than 40 percent blame lenders, about 30 percent blame the regulators.

via Poll: Most think government should help homeowners in trouble – Political Hotsheet – CBS News.

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