House Amends TDHCA Sunset Bill

The Texas House yesterday debated HB3361, the  bill to continue the functions of the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs after its review by the Sunset Commission.  The main topic of conversation was scoring legislative support support letters for Low Income Housing Tax Credit developments.  For those just joining this conversation, we’ve discussed those letters in these classic Texas Houser posts:

Anyways, this time around Representative Riddle put forth an amendment to keep the letters, stating they were needed so that Representatives could “keep bad actors out” of their districts.  Representative Riddle’s amendment passed after further amendment, although that amendment was again reworded today on third reading–(final language here — allows local entities to provide letters if a legislator declines to do so).  A few other amendments passed on second reading as well, including one limiting penalties for non-compliance with TDHCA rules if the problems are promptly corrected after they are identified by TDHCA.

Video of yesterday’s floor debate is embeded below in two parts (lightly edited to reduce off-topic interruptions and extended periods of silence):

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