Video: Introducing the Sunnyside Plan, a new kind of community plan for Houston

Sunnyside Plan, a community planning effort of, by and for residents of Houston’s Sunnyside neighborhood, launched with a kickoff meeting on Thursday.

The community plan is based on the principles of the Fair Housing and Neighborhood Rights campaign from our friends at Texas Organizing Project (TOP). It’s a new kind of neighborhood plan, led by the community and not by the City of Houston, and will include a deep dive into Sunnyside’s history to examine exactly how the City has treated the neighborhood unequally. After a series of community meetings, the final plan will then detail specific policies and actions that the City can take in the short- and long-term to provide Sunnyside with the kinds of public services that every neighborhood deserves.

In this short video, we introduce what Sunnyside Pride is all about and hear from a few neighborhood residents involved in the plan:

To get involved with Sunnyside Pride, or to learn more about the plan and upcoming events, like Sunnyside Plan on Facebook.


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