National Housing Conference to host neighborhood revitalization gathering in New Orleans

On November 5 and 6, the National Housing Conference will host the Solutions for Restoring Neighborhoods 2015 Convening at the Marriott Convention Center in New Orleans.

This is an opportunity for housing practitioners and advocates from around the country to discuss the challenges and solutions to problems of housing affordability and neighborhood revitalization. You can register for the event here.

The sessions will delve into education, transportation, economic development, health, the environment, public safety and more as a way of thinking about the interconnected nature of housing and neighborhood improvement. Topics will include the struggles of gentrifying neighborhoods to maintain affordability and avoid displacement, areas working to overcome disinvestment and foreclosures and cities with a strong real estate demand but pockets of distress – all relevant problems for many Texas communities. Two optional mobile workshops will also let attendees get out in the field to see housing and neighborhood policy in action in New Orleans.

The National Housing Conference does great work in convening conversations and researching policy solutions around critical housing issues. To take advantage of this opportunity while space is still available, visit their website.