Join the Housing Working Group for the 2017 Texas Legislative Session

Each legislative session, Texas Housers hosts a bi-weekly Housing Working Group for advocates, providers, non-profit staff and others engaged in housing issues at the Capitol. We’re kicking off the 2017 edition with a pre-session meeting on Thursday, December 1 at 10 a.m. in the House Members Lounge at the Capitol Extension, Room E2.1002.

The working group, which will meet every other Thursday from January through May and is open to the public, is a chance for those involved in housing around the state to talk about issues and learn about pending legislation. The pre-session meeting will provide a wide-ranging discussion on potential policies affecting tenants, farm workers, veterans, people with disabilities, colonia residents, survivors of natural disasters and many others.

If you’re interested in attending the pre-session meeting or learning more about the Housing Working Group, send an email to will[at]texashousing[dot]org.

We’ll also keep you plugged in here on our blog, leading up to and throughout the session. Stay tuned for more Homes at the Dome updates coming soon.