We’re hiring! Apply to be our communications director

Texas Housers is looking for an experienced writer, with a background in journalism, research and storytelling, to help explain, publicize, and advance our work in housing integration, neighborhood equality, racial justice and civic engagement.

The communications director spearheads all of our outreach, including writing and producing online content and reports, attracting media attention to our work and maintaining regular contact with other advocates, policymakers and donors. This position is responsible for promoting the projects and campaigns led by our staff and community partners, on our website and social media and in the mainstream press. The communications director handles all external communications for our organization, working with other staff and grassroots leaders on events, press releases, presentations, speeches, reports, advocacy materials, multimedia projects and more.

Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Write, edit and manage online content for blog, website and social media
  • Produce or assist in production of research reports, public presentations, speeches, policy briefings, legislative testimony, etc.
  • Promote community initiatives, policy recommendations and organizational goals through press releases, pitching stories to reporters, proposing and writing op-eds and garnering other media attention
  • Interpret and present research, planning and policy analysis for community leaders, advocates, policymakers and the public
  • Participate in messaging development, project planning and other aspects of campaigns in collaboration with community partners


  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in journalism (preferred), history, ethnic studies, urban planning, sociology, public policy and/or a related discipline. Graduate degree preferred.
  • Required competencies:
    • Experience in journalism and working with print and online journalists
    • Skilled at editing and copyreading
    • Knowledge of, or ability to quickly develop an understanding of, government policy and programs and ability to critically assess their impact on the lives of low income people
    • Ability to quickly and regularly produce easily understood, compelling short- and long-form writing explaining public policy reforms to a general audience
    • Ability to simply, clearly and compellingly explain our research and analysis of complex demographic, political, economic and social justice issues
    • Ability to meet regular short deadlines for blogging, social media posts, press releases and editing the work of other staff members
    • Media and online literacy, including familiarity with major print, TV and web news outlets and effective use of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
    • Solid political awareness of Texas city and state government
    • Ability to collaborate with people of different racial, ethnic, political and cultural backgrounds
    • Effective at problem-solving, team work, consensus building, facilitation, negotiation and mediation with diverse individuals and interest groups
    • Strong analytical, creative and decision-making skills
    • Organization, self-direction and strong individual initiative
    • Commitment to social justice, civil rights and economic equality

Preferred but not required:

  • Familiarity with the issues facing low income African-American and Hispanic communities
  • Familiarity with fair and affordable housing, community development, civil rights, urban issues
  • Proficiency in writing and speaking Spanish
  • Experience in media relations or press strategy
  • Experience with website and/or graphic design
  • Experience with video and audio production and editing
  • Experience with fundraising, grant writing and/or event planning

To learn more about salary and benefits, and to apply for the position, please visit our online job listing.

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