Episode 21: The Stink Of Unequal Sewage

Housing inequality can often manifest in ways that many do not think of and some take for granted. For example, the simple task of washing your hands or using the restroom are far more complex for low-income families in situations with sewage backups.

On this episode of A Little Louder, we spoke with our advocacy co-director Lauren Loney about the recent consent decree filed by City of Houston, EPA, and the TCEQ addressing Clean Water Act violations in the City’s waste water infrastructure. These measures from local and state government fell far short and speak to larger inequity problems in the city.

In addition to our pushback on the slow walk to environmental justice, Kristen Schlemmer from Bayou City Waterkeeper also joins the podcast to talk about what she’s learned with these sewage backups, the groundswell to address these issues, and what’s next after demanding better protections.

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