Podcast Episode 27: Addressing ‘The Gap’ for Low-Income Renters

Last week, the National Low Income Housing Coalition published their 2020 edition of The Gap report, which annually evaluates the housing shortage for extremely low-income renters. As you may have read on our blog, Texas did not perform well in this report with scores far below the national average in terms of affordability and availability. In fact, Austin alone was tied for last in affordable and available homes for extremely low income renters.

On the latest episode of A Little Louder, John and Christina were joined by Andrew Aurand, Vice President for Research at the NLIHC, to discuss the 2020 edition of the Gap Report, with the three exploring some harsh realities for those in the Lone Star State. But Aurand also offered what solutions are needed to help shorten this gap, including exercising local, state, and federal power to help our most vulnerable community members.

Our two panelists exchanged their thoughts on the matter all while social distancing in their respective homes. Stay safe, fellow Housers!

You can follow Andrew on Twitter at @AGAurand and the National Low Income Housing Commission at @NLIHC.

Listen to Episode 27 of A Little Louder below or wherever you find your podcasts.

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