Podcast Episode 28: The COVID-19 housing crisis

The news cycle under COVID-19 has operated at a breakneck pace. For many, it’s been difficult to track what the rules are and what the government is doing to help those who are in need. Thankfully, at least in regard to housing, we can provide a little clarity for those who may need it.

At the end of March 2020, the CARES Act was passed through Congress and signed into law by President Trump. This will disseminate $2 trillion for aid in a multitude of arenas, including very clear provisions about housing like moratoriums on foreclosures and evictions for many federally backed mortgages and federally subsidized apartments, respectively. The stimulus package also includes relief for those in public housing, project based rental assistance, tenant based rental assistance, and much more.

In order to sort through what these moratoriums mean and what exactly is in the CARES Act, John and Christina are joined on this week’s episode of A Little Louder by Shamus Roller, Executive Director of the National Housing Law Project. We are also joined by our community navigator Ericka Bowman, as she tells us what low-income families in Houston and Galveston are experiencing with the coronavirus limiting everyday necessities like transportation, groceries, and work opportunities.

We are still recording remotely, practicing what Christina calls “physical distancing but social connection.” Please continue to stay safe, fellow Housers!

You can follow Shamus on Twitter at @ShamusRoller and the National Housing Law Project at @NHLP.

Listen to Episode 28 of A Little Louder below or wherever you find your podcasts.

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